Amazon Egypt coupon with the AmazonEgypt discount code 2020 to get discounts when buying from amzone eg. represents the best shopping options available in the Arab world. It has stores in the most famous Arab countries, the Saudi market and the Emirates market, to provide fast shipping options compared to other shopping platforms.

And its position has increased in recent years, especially after the Amazon global store acquired it, which opens the Arab consumer an opportunity to shop from Amazon products without the cost of the trouble of obtaining an American mailbox to ship and thus shipping purchases directly to Egypt or Saudi Arabia.

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The Amazon Egypt discount code is one of the topics that many are looking for, as the Amazon site is a global site for buying products online, and recently an Egyptian platform has been opened, which is Amazon Egypt, and in this article We will show you all the details about the Amazon Egypt website and the Amazon website sections, we will also show you the most important frequently asked questions about the Amazon Egypt website, and we will discuss all the details of payment methods on Amazon, if you are a fan of online shopping, follow this article well to know all the details and renew a discount code Amazon Egypt.

About Amazon Egypt

Amazon is a global platform for online shopping, serving all countries of the world, and during the past month, the Amazon Egypt website was opened, thus Egypt joins the countries served by the site, where you will find on the site all the products you want to Obtaining it, including supermarket products and home products from household cleaning tools, in addition to that, you will find all kinds of clothes, including shoes, home clothes, children’s clothes and shoes, and you will also find on the site all types of home and garden furniture. It is worth noting that the Amazon Egypt website offers you the online payment service via a visa or via credit card, and you can also pay the value of the products by paying cash on delivery, and you will also get an Amazon Egypt discount code when you visit the site, as the site offers discounts and offers Ongoing permanently, and there is a special section within the site for products available at a discount price.

How to create an Amazon account

In the following steps we will show you how to create an account in Amazon Egypt:

  • First you have to login to the Amazon Egypt platform  .
  • A new page will appear to log in as a new user, where you can create a new account, or log in with your account.
  • When you click on the Create a new Amazon account box, you will be taken directly to a new page.
  • Then you must enter all the required data, including your email address, personal phone number and username.
  • You will then receive an email to confirm your registration.
  • You will also receive a code on your mobile phone to retype it in the field displayed in front of you, in order to verify that the users’ data is correct.

Amazon Egypt Sections

In the following points we will show you the sections of the Amazon Egypt website so that you can enjoy the Amazon Egypt discount code:

  • Amazon bestseller: This featured section is at the top of the Amazon sections, and when you click on the bestsellers section on Amazon Amazon you will find many other sections, as this section shows you all the products that users commonly buy, and within each section you will find its own best-selling products, where there is a beauty section, an electronics section, a household appliances section, a garden section, a kitchen section, a books section, and a section Toys, dolls, supermarket department, children’s products department. You can find out the best-selling products in each section by clicking on its name.
  • New releases at Amazon: This section is theThe second cm is in the list of sections on the site, as it includes all the newly added products on the Amazon Egypt website, and inside the new releases section in Amazon you will find all the sections of the site to know all the newly added products for each section separately.
  • Most moving section: This section of Amazon features all products that have been oversold in the past 24 hours, and are updated regularly. Continuous, and you will find inside all the products divided into sections. You click on each section and find out the most popular products in this section during the past 24 hours, and thus you can apply the Amazon Egypt discount code in the section you want

Amazon Electronics

Within this section you will find electronic products divided into several sections, including the laptop section, the mobile section, the tablet section, the headphone section, the television section, the watches section, the computer accessories section, and the cameras section, in addition to that, you will find a special section With amplifiers, a section for video games, and a special section for printing machines.

Amazon Fashion

Within this section you will find several other sections, including a children’s section, a men’s section, a women’s fashion section, a sports section, a bags section, a section for wallets, and a section for newly added products, in addition, you will find the search box at the top of the section to be able to Easily search for the product you want.

Home Products Division

Within this section you will find several other sections, including the home furnishings section, a lighting section, which includes all lighting units at their prices, and a special section for garden grilling devices with the price of each grilling device. A special section for household cleaning equipment, including brooms, plastic buckets and gloves. In addition, you will find a special section for bathroom accessories, and this section includes all bathroom accessories, including shower accessories, towel holders, and bathroom curtains in all shapes and prices.

Amazon Books section

You can visit the books section of the Amazon website , Then you can apply the Amazon Egypt discount code in this section and enjoy an expanded selection of books, and within the books section of the Amazon website, you will find a section for children’s books, a section for literature and fiction, and a special section for self-development books and entrepreneurship books.

Automotive Accessories Division

Amazon has a car accessories section that contains many car products, including car oil, car gear, and a car parts section on Amazon. In addition, there is a section for car care products on Amazon, accessories section of Amazon Egypt.

Amazon Supermarket Division

On the Amazon Egypt website, you will find a special section for the supermarket, and from the inside you will find it divided into several sections, where there is a special section for rice, pasta and legumes, in addition to that, you will find a section for snacks and sweets. In addition, there is a section for drinks such as coffee, tea, mint and Nescafe, and you can visit the supermarket section on Amazon .

Sell on Amazon

In the following points we will explain all the details about selling your products on Amazon Egypt:-

You can list your products on Amazon as a seller, and the site will take care of all the customer handling and shipping details.

  • You can register your account as an Amazon seller .
  • You can select the appropriate shipping method for you, as there are two shipping methods, including the self-shipping method, through which you can ship your products to customers by yourself, There is an Amazon shipping method, where the site delivers your product to the customer.
  • Before creating your Amazon seller account, you’ll need to prepare some data, including your ID number, email address, copy of your commercial registration Your company, or a power of attorney or authorization from the owner of the company, and a bank account number must be provided to which the site sends the cash.

What is selling through Amazon?

It is a service provided by Amazon for business owners, where you can sell your products on the site by providing some important data, including your company's commercial registration and bank account to transfer the profit, and Amazon will ship to customers.

Can you cancel an order after ordering?

Yes, you can cancel your order if it is not shipped, you can go to the word Your Account, then you can click on the word Your orders and then click on the word cancel.

What should I do if I receive a suspicious message from Amazon asking for my personal information?

Some suspicious messages that you do not receive from an unknown source should be reported to

Amazon Returns

After visiting the site, you will enjoy many advantages, including the Amazon Egypt discount code, but some need to return products after receiving them, so in the following steps we will explain how to return products on Amazon:-

  • Check your order list.
  • Select the order, then choose Return Item.
  • Indicate the reason for returning the items.
  • Select the return method you prefer, by choosing between a refund or an identical product exchange.
  • The seller will then review and respond to your order.

Amazon Egypt shopping advantages

There are many advantages of shopping from the Amazon Egypt website, and we explain them to you through the following points:-

  • You will get the Amazon Egypt discount code easily, as there are many discounts on the site.
  • Amazon displays all products at the various available prices, and also shows you if the product is available at a lower price, where you can always get Get better offers when you buy.
  • The customer service is excellent and you can communicate with them easily.
  • When you shop on the site you will find links available on the site to products found on other sites.
  • You can download the Amazon app on many phones, including Android phones and iOS phones.
  • You can easily shop and pay products with a credit card that suits you, and you can also pay by cash upon receipt.
  • Amazon Egypt offers you many discount codes, and you will also find a special section for discounts and discounts when you visit the site, and if you get On the Amazon Egypt discount code, you can add it when purchasing the product to get a discount, before completing the payment and shipping process.

Steps to shop on Amazon

  • If you have downloaded the Amazon Egypt app, search for the product you want to get on the site through the app’s search bar or the website.
  • Select the product you want, by choosing the appropriate price for you, as each product you will find is available at multiple prices, and you can Choose from the right price for you.
  • You must know all user reviews before purchasing a product, as users submit their opinions about each Amazon product, thus You will be able to know if the product is good in terms of raw material and quality of manufacture, and you can know the opinions of users by clicking on Customer Reviews.
  • Below each product you will find its price, its price after discount if there is an Amazon Egypt discount code.
  • You will see the Amazon website There is a red mark on some products if the product is available at a cheaper price from another seller.
  • After selecting all the products you want to get, go to the Cart menu which is located on the right part of the page.
  • Select the shipping address, or edit the address you specified when logging in Then select the payment method you prefer.

Track or cancel shipments

Below we will show you how to track or cancel your shipment in steps:-

You can cancel your shipment on Amazon Egypt only if the product has not been shipped, if the site shipped the product you will not be able to cancel the cancellation process

  • You can cancel shipping your order on Amazon by clicking on Your Account and then clicking on Your Orders, then clicking on the word cancel or cancel.
  • You can choose the word Track Package to help you track the location of your shipment.

Download Amazon Egypt App

When you download the Amazon Egypt application, you will enjoy the Amazon Egypt discount code, as the application provides you with multiple offers and discounts, during the following points we will show the ways to download the Amazon application:

  • Log on the Google website and type in the search bar download the Amazon Egypt app.
  • You can download the application via Google Play.
  • You will be able to download the Amazon Egypt app through the Play Store if you are using an iOS phone.

Print Invoice

In simple steps, you can print a copy of the purchase invoice, using the following steps:-

    • First go to your order list.
    • Find the order for which you want to receive a purchase invoice.
    • Choose the word invoice.

If your order belongs to Amazon, i.e. not from an independent third party seller, you will be able to easily view the invoice And print them, but if the product belongs to a third-party seller, you will need to do several other steps.

  • If you purchase the product from a third-party seller, you can print the purchase order, and you will not be able to print the invoice until after contacting The seller personally.

Amazon Egypt Customer Service

Amazon Egypt customer service is available to communicate on a daily basis through a phone number, and you can contact Amazon Egypt customer service through specific dates, which are from 8 am every day until midnight Customer service will help you know the status of your order, track it, and learn all the details about the Amazon Egypt discount code, new offers, and you can request to inquire about some products or submit complaints.
By contacting Amazon Egypt customer service, you can report some problems or file a complaint with a specific product, as some products are considered non-conforming for specifications, via phone number 08000262966

In conclusion, we have explained to you all the advantages of the Amazon Egypt website, through which you can find the Amazon Egypt discount code to enjoy special offers and discounts throughout the year, where you will find a special section for offers and discounts within the site You will also find many prices about each product, to be able to choose the cheapest price, and you will also be able to order easily by choosing the quantity and specifications and placing them in the cart, then completing the shipping steps by clarifying the payment method and home address, and you will receive a message on the confirmation email address Then you will receive a phone call from the Amazon shipping representative hours before the delivery so that you are at the address, and we wish everyone a unique and enjoyable buying experience.