Pottery Barn is a huge website in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, offering many products, including clothing products, carpets and home furnishings. It also provides all kinds of interior decoration, including curtains, lampshades, and small decorations such as candles and details that add A beauty on the home, it also offers you various pieces of furniture and distinctive lighting units, and in this article we will explain all the details about the famous Pottery Barn shopping site in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia so that you can apply the Pottery Barn discount code and get distinctive pieces at competitive prices, and in the article we will explain to you All the details about the shipping cost from the site to all cities of the Kingdom in detail, and we will display the method of ordering from Pottery Barn and the method of communicating with customer service, so follow us.

Contact Pottery Barn

To be able to communicate with the site, you must resort to several methods, including Pottery Barn pages on social media or by e-mail, and this is what we will explain below:-

  • Learn what’s new on Pottery Barn’s official YouTube account at here.
  • Find out what’s new in Pottery Barn through their shows that they are advertising on their Instagram page at here, You can also ask about prices and submit your inquiries through messages, and one of the customer service staff will respond to you.
  • Connect with them on Facebook by going to their official page at here.
  • You can contact them through the site via the link to submit inquiries and complaints at here

Pottery Barn Delivery

Follow the following to find out the value of internal delivery in Saudi Arabia:

  • Pottery Barn offers home delivery.
  • Pottery Barn provides free delivery services on orders over 350 SAR on accessories orders, while delivery is free if you purchase products worth more than 1,800 SAR. Saudi is one of the great products.
  • Pottery Barn express delivery service is free if you purchase products worth 350 SAR of accessories, while it is worth 35 SAR if you purchase products worth less than 350 SAR Saudi accessories.
  • The normal shipping value is 100 Saudi riyals in case the total cost of the products is less than 1800 Saudi riyals for large products, and it is free of charge if the order exceeds 1800 Saudi riyals only.
  • Delivery is within 1-3 working days in some cities, namely: Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Diriyah, Dhahran and Khobar.
  • Delivery is within 1-5 working days in some cities, which are: Makkah, Madinah, Al-Kharj, Jubail, and Saihat.
  • In case of delayed orders, you can call +966 92000-2482.
  • You can pay through the site, we deliver your purchases to the store you want to receive from, where you choose the nearest branch to your home.
  • After placing the order, you will get a confirmation by e-mail and a message on the phone.
  • The message will include the order number.
  • The site will send an email to confirm receipt of the order.

Pottery Barn Products

You can apply the Pottery Barn discount code to all products upon purchase, and in the following points we will show you all the details about the products available on the site:

  • Furniture: Pottery Barn provides all the pieces of furniture that you could need in your home, including elegant or modern pieces, Where the site offers you tables and chairs for dining rooms, and food cabinets, it also provides various pieces of furniture such as tables of all shapes and sizes, it provides you with chairs of all shapes, and the Pottery Barn website provides wood consoles to save drinks and you can get it by clicking here.
  • It also provides you with chairs for the dining table at prices starting from 600 Saudi riyals, and you can order from here, the site provides you with extendable tables that fit kitchens, and you can order them from here.
  • with prices starting from 3000 SAR, where you can apply the Pottery Barn discount code and get a discount on products. Moreover, it offers the finest types of home cabinets at prices ranging between 3000 SAR and 6000 SAR, and you can order from here.


Pottery Barn offers the finest bathroom products and supplies, as it provides you with many types of bathroom cabinets, with prices ranging from 400 Saudi riyals to 1000 Saudi riyals, all made of the finest types of wood, and you can Order by clicking here.

Light units

Pottery Barn offers you different types of lighting units, which you can get from the site, at varying prices, and you can also apply a discount code Pottery Barn, as the site provides kitchen and bathroom lamps, portable lamps and lamps in different shapes, and you can buy lamps by clicking here.


The site offers the best and finest materials, where you can get everything you need from different cups and dishes, and you can also apply the Pottery Barn discount code, you can order all table products by entering Here, where you can get Fajar soup plates, earthenware bowls, and cups of different sizes of earthenware, and the site offers bowls of different sizes and shapes It offers bowls for dipping. And the average prices are suitable for everyone. For example, you can get a bowl of soup from Bowery Barn at a price of 35 SAR from here.

Pottery Barn Carpet

You can purchase different carpets from Pottery Barn and get the special Pottery Barn discount code, through the site at here.

where the site offers various types of carpets, including patterned carpets and non-patterned carpets. The site offers Persian carpets, carpets for doors, small carpets for roads and large carpets, as well as all shapes and sizes.


You can buy sheets of all shapes and sizes through the Pottery Barn website, and you can also apply the Pottery Barn discount code on linens and sheets in all its forms, and the site provides you with quilts in all its forms, as well as bed covers and covers Pillows of all kinds, and you can shop the sheets from Pottery Barn by entering at here, average cover price The comforter at Pottery Barn is 140 SAR, the average price for a pillowcase is 100 SAR.

Pottery Barn Gift Division

This premium section offers different assortments of gifts, which you can order through the site, where you can apply the Pottery Barn discount code on gifts to get special offers and discounts, and the gifts available in this section are About different collections, including desk collections such as the high-end marble desk accessories set, which can be ordered from here and its price after discount is 64 Saudi riyals only, You can buy a bathrobe made of fur at the price of 400 SAR You can also buy a combination of fur blankets at a price of 200 SAR You can also buy a candle holder from Pottery Barn at a price of 43 SAR.

Pottery Barn Shopping Features

Continue as follows:

  • Pottery Barn offers you expensive products of harmful products and chemicals harmful to health, with certification approved by responsible and international bodies. 
  • Pottery Barn offers you great discounts and offers all year long, and you can now order products and get the Pottery Barn discounts for the fall season through Their website.
  • Pottery Barn offers you express shipping services in a period of about two days in most cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • You will be able to buy all home products from one place, and therefore it is considered a popular site in the periods of preparation for marriage, as it contains all the furniture The house includes cooking utensils, utensils, cabinets, and room furnishings of all kinds. You can also buy carpets, bathroom products and accessories, and you can buy candles and candle holders through the Pottery Barn website.
  • The site offers you many social media pages, where you can communicate with them easily and learn about the site’s developments of products, discounts, and daily and monthly offers
  • You can apply the Pottery Barn discount code and get additional discounts.

Pottery Barn products are healthy and environmentally friendly

When you buy from Pottery Barn, make sure that you are getting products that were manufactured in appropriate conditions, so that the company takes into account the principles of environmental protection during manufacturing, by rationalizing the consumption of water used in manufacturing and rationalizing the consumption of electricity And, below, we will present the advantages of environmentally friendly Pottery Barn products:

  • NON-TOXIC: Pottery Barn products are termed because they are products that do not cause long-term harm to human health. The products are also backed by the REACH Global Evaluation, an assessment granted by the European Chemicals Agency for products that are free of chemicals harmful to human health.
  • Water-based paint: Pottery Barn products are not harmful to human health as they use less organic matter, which makes them less damage.

Pottery Barn

Below we will show the branches of Pottery Barn stores:

  • Sahara Mall Riyadh: It is a branch of the city of Riyadh, and you can reach the store through Exit No. 5 next to Hayat Mall at Gate No. 5, inside the Sahara Mall, which is located on King Abdul Aziz Road, and you can contact them through the phone number 00966 1 452 0280. The working hours are from nine thirty in the morning until eleven in the evening.
  • Red Sea Mall Jeddah: You can find a Jeddah branch in Red Sea Mall, inside King Abdulaziz Square, and you can contact them through Phone number 00966 1 2215 0191, working hours from nine thirty in the morning until eleven in the evening.
  • Al-Rashid Mall Dammam: Pottery Barn branch in Dammam on Al-Shehab Al-Taifi Street inside Al-Rashid Complex, Saudi Arabia, working hours from nine o’clock Half past eleven in the morning until eleven in the evening, and you can call him through the number 00966 13 667 8720.

How to order Pottery Barn step by step

Below we will show you how to order from the Bowery Barn website:

  • You can order from the site easilyEnter To the Pottery Barn website.
  • Choose the department you want to buy from, then choose the category, specify the number of pieces and colors, then add the pieces in Purchase item.
  • Next write down the Pottery Barn discount code.
  • Then confirm your address and contact method such as email address, personal number and payment method.
  • You will then receive an order confirmation message.
  • When the order is prepared, a message will be sent to the phone informing the customer.

Return Process

If you want to return the products for a refund, or if you want to exchange some orders for others, you can do so within 14 days:

  • Products must be returned in their original and intact condition
  • The invoice for the product should be brought
  • The period specified for exchange or return cannot be exceeded.

Pottery Barn FAQ

What is the delivery and shipping period?

The delivery time is about 7 days, and delivery will be within 1-3 working days in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Daraa, and Dhahran, Khobar.

How much is the shipping cost from Pottery Barn?

Shipping cost will be 35 Saudi riyals in the case of purchasing products with an amount of less than 350 Saudi riyals of types of accessories, while the shipping cost will be around 100 Saudi riyals in the case of purchasing main products with an amount of 1800 Saudi riyals.

Is there any free shipping service from Pottery Barn?

Yes, if you purchase products with an amount of more than 1,800 SAR of the main products, while free shipping for accessories is for products worth 350 SAR only.

  • How does a customer know that he qualifies for the “White Glove” premium delivery service? If your order contains only one of the White Glove products on the site, you will be eligible for the service .
  • What are the working hours at Pottery Barn and how do they contact them? Pottery Barn stores are located in all cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you can order all days of the week through the website And working hours in Pottery Barn stores everywhere from 8 am to 5 pm.
  • What is a number for complaints and inquiries?, You can contact via phone number +966 92000-2482, to inquire about delayed orders and other details.
  • Is it possible to view my order history?, of course, through several simple steps, first log in through the Pottery Barn website and click on the word “My Account” and you will find it At the top of the page, then search for “View orders” and you will then be able to get all your previous orders and the full history.
  • How to change the delivery address?, You can update your home address record easily by clicking on the word Your account on the site After logging in, you will find your personal data Change your address or add an address New, and you must register the address only if there is no order, as it cannot be modified to addresses on orders that you have already ordered.
  • How do I delete your details from the Pottery Barn mailing list
  • Some people want to opt out of the site’s mail because of the continuous offers that the site sends to customers, and here we will show how to unsubscribe:
  • Enter the word “My Account” at the top of the page after logging in.
  • Find the word ‘connection’.
  • Remove the check mark from the email section.
  • The cancellation will then be confirmed.

In conclusion, we have explained to you all the details about how to communicate with Pottery Barn customer service, and we have also shown all the products on the Pottery Barn website, where we have shown the average prices of all products, and we have also shown The answer to the most important frequently asked questions on the site, and we also showed the method of ordering from the site in detail.