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People and nature are at the heart of our products, which makes us keen to reduce our environmental impact as well as improve Our formulations are constantly on display. We source traceable components from a network of trusted local suppliers, and we carefully select these suppliers to build long-term relationships. Therefore, the quality of our ingredients is one of our priorities (ie: protection of provenance, organic farming and sustainable agriculture) and we always aim to use the highest quality ingredients in appropriate concentrations.

The L’Occitane discount code is one of the best codes that the store gives to all customers, whether new or old customers, as L’Occitane store is one of the most important stores that have appeared strongly on electronic platforms, as it is one of the most famous and leading stores in The field of perfumes and cosmetics, as well as various care products, as it was able to achieve wide success in the Middle East due to the unparalleled quality of its products as well as its distinctive prices that are not compared to other stores.

L’Occitane store information

It is considered one of the best online shopping stores, as it saves more time and effort for customers in making the purchase, as it has many products that increase the beauty and femininity of women, and in addition to that. It adds a distinctive touch of beauty and also works to satisfy all customers by providing exclusive and effective discount codes and coupons, so it is one of the most important perfume stores in the Middle East, both western and oriental perfumes, thanks to the quality of its products, as these perfumes are manufactured under the supervision of a large selection of specialists in the industry Attractive and distinctive perfumes, in addition, they are made of natural ingredients that do not cause any skin and skin problems.

When was L’Occitane established?

And also it was raised in 1976 under the supervision of Elle Fei Busan, where the first store branch is located in Italy and this section is due to an area within Italy and France. Busan also sold his share to Reynold Geiger, which is one of the largest The shareholders inside the store and the company has made many expansions that reached more than 90 stores around the world. It also has great cooperation with international companies specialized in perfumes and cosmetics, so it is one of the most luxurious stores around the world in special and distinctive perfumes and care products. It is one of my favorite stores for many women. in various countries of the world and can achieve wide success in the field of online shopping.

L’Occitane Discount Code

The store is keen to provide a lot of offers and discounts on all products available within the store so that it can maintain its unique position among other stores specialized in the same field, where the store is unique in providing a range of wonderful services that Helped greatly. On the spread of the store on electronic platforms, it always seeks to provide all that is distinctive and new from various care supplies and tools, as it offers special discounts that reach more than 50% of the value of the products, but to obtain these discounts, you must activate the discount code correctly by placing it in the designated place You can find out about all the new and exclusive products through the store’s newsletter.

Advantages of buying from L’Occitane

The store allows dealing in both languages, English and Arabic, so that all customers can deal with the store with ease. In addition, the store is divided into sections with a specific system to facilitate browsing within the store.
The store contains a variety of products for hair and skin care, as well as a wonderful assortment of charming French perfumes that most women love. The store is also interested in providing original products for famous international brands.
All customers are given the possibility of free and immediate shipping and delivery on all purchases made through the store, where the order delivery period ranges from 3: 5 days from the date of purchase
It offers the return and exchange policy service that all customers are looking for, as well as a means of attracting the customer. The store where the store can return the product within a period not exceeding 15 days.
The store is keen to provide different methods of payment so that the customer can deal with ease, and the most important of these methods is payment upon receipt, which is one of my favorite services for many customers
The store is interested in providing excellent customer service to deal with customers’ problems and respond to their inquiries regarding purchase and products available within the store
The store has a wide range of coupons and discount offers that the store offers all its distinguished customers continuously inside the store, in addition to the discounts that the store provides on discounts, thus enabling the customer to obtain products at low prices.
The most important sections of the store L’Occitane

There are many different sections within the store, the most important of these sections are the following:

Facial and skin care department

In this section there is a distinctive collection of care supplies and tools, among the most important products are skin cleansers, as well as products for moisturizing the skin, sun protection creams, and also some types of nourishing cream for the skin. In addition, most of the products are from the best known brands around the world, and most of the products are made of 100% natural materials. Without using any chemicals.

  • Make-up, bath and body products

This section includes a variety of original cosmetics that many girls and women are looking for, and it is the focus of most women’s attention, as it highlights their beauty and femininity from the simple makeup that adds to them a special aesthetic touch. It has a special section for various bath products such as hair care products as well as hand and foot care supplies and tools.


It is one of the most popular section of many people, as it has many types of attractive and distinctive French perfumes, whether for men or women, as well as suitable for all tastes and occasions, in addition to that, it has a unique collection of home fragrances Which gives fragrant aromatic scents inside the house.


It is one of the distinguished sections within the store, as it includes all the products loved by customers and which are increasingly being bought by many users

Special Offers

This section is keen to provide a range of distinctive and effective discount offers within the store that are displayed continuously inside the store, and these offers are also available on most products within the store, where these discounts reach more than 70 of the purchase value


How to get the latest L’Occitane discount code

You can get the latest discount code within the L’Occitane store by doing some steps and these steps are:

  • You must go to the discount coupons site and then choose the store, then you will be taken directly to the store, then we browse the products inside store and choose what we want to buy
  • Then we put the selected products into the shopping cart
  • We review all specifications for products in terms of quantity, number and quality
  • We copy the code into the space provided for it and then choose the appropriate method for you
  • Then the code is successfully activated and you can get the discount on the products.

How to buy in L’Occitane store

In order to have a great and distinct buying experience, you need to take some of the following steps:

  • You must log in to the site
  • Goes straight to the store
  • You search for products through the search option on the screen
  • then we choose the products we want to buy, then we put the products in the shopping cart, then we click on the order to complete the order and we use the discount code Conclude with us and then choose the appropriate payment method to complete the purchase, so the discount code has been activated and the discount will be paid in your preferred method, thus the purchase has been completed successfully.

What are the most famous perfume brands available in-store?

There are a variety of distinguished brands in the perfume industry, so L’Occitane store is one of the most distinctive brands in the perfume industry. Here we will learn about the most famous international brands specialized in perfumes, and these brands are: /span>

  • Chanel
  • Dior
  • Cartier
  • Bvlgari
  • gifchny
  • Gucci
  • Mont Blanc
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Loketsan

The most popular products in the L’Occitane store

The store contains a wonderful assortment of distinctive beauty products and skin and body care supplies. In addition, most of these products are well-known international brands and are manufactured with high quality and are among the most popular products in the store that have a great demand from Users side and these products are:

  • natural exfoliators
  • Natural formulas
  • Moisturizing creams for skin and body
  • detergent
  • Steroids
  • Oils
  • Fragrance

as these products give freshness and vitality to the skin and get rid of all signs of aging, as well as fatigue and fatigue, as well as French perfumes that give you an attractive and distinctive scent. The store is also interested in providing all information about the products and how to use them as well as The store allows a group of beauty experts to answer all questions about products.

Payment methods available within the L’Occitane store

There are many different payment methods that the store provides to all customers and users, the most important of these methods are the following:

  • Payment by cash on receipt

It is one of the preferred methods for most customers, which the store is keen to provide to facilitate financial transactions for the customer. This ensures the customer’s quality of products upon receipt, and the Saudi riyal is used upon receipt of the product.

  • Credit card payment method

There are many credit cards that are used for electronic payment, such as Visa Card


Delivery and delivery services within the L’Occitane store

The store has an integrated team that is able to deliver products immediately and quickly within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it provides delivery service to all store customers. The store also provides the possibility of free shipping in the event that the customer makes a voucher Purchase over 249 SAR.

  • If you do not make purchases that do not exceed 249 Saudi riyals, you must pay a shipping fee of up to 30 riyals on each order
  • The order delivery time is from 3 to 7 days by following the procedures carried out by the store
  • As for the case if the place is outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this requires an increase in the delivery time, as the store is keen to obtain the confidence of customers on dates Delivery of products
  • The countries we ship to are UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait

Can I track an order in L’Occitane store

Yes, you can follow up the order through the store’s e-mail or through text messages, where the customer service sends a text message with all the information about the order and the delivery date.

Loccitane Returns & Exchanges

One ​​of the services that attracts the customer to the store is one of the most important services that many users are looking for, as the store gives the ability to return the order within a month from the date of receipt, and there are some conditions that specify the store to return The product and these terms

  • The product must be in its original condition and have all the trademarks of the packaging
  • The product is not subject to customer abuse
  • “>The store does not provide full return and refund service for products.

L’Occitane Customer Service

It is one of the wonderful services that the store provides, as it enables us to communicate with it throughout the day, during the days of the week to work on solving problems facing customers as well as responding to all inquiries related to products in order to be able to communicate with the service Customers through these ways:

  • Contact through their phone numbers within all countries and the numbers are:
  • Loccitane customer service number in Saudi Arabia


  • Loketsan customer service number in the UAE


  • L’Occitane customer service number in Kuwait


  • L’Occitane customer service number in Bahrain


  • L’Occitane Qatar customer service number


  • Contact through the store’s e-mail which is

You can contact them through their website, which is available at the bottom of the page through the Contact Us option.

How to get a free L’Occitane app

The store is always keen on the convenience of customers by providing its own application to make the purchase with ease without being tired or tired of shopping, so the store was launched, where it has all the needs of personal care as well as wonderful care supplies Therefore, you can download the application from Google Play for free without requiring any expenses or fees, and you can deal with the application in a simple and smooth manner.

FAQs about L’Occitane discount code

Where can I find a discount code for L’Occitane that provides a huge discount

You can get a big discount through a discount coupons site, and you will find discounts of up to more than 70% of the value of purchases

Can I use the L’Occitane coupon code when purchasing

Yes, you can get a discount coupon when purchasing with ease by visiting the store’s website and learning about all new coupons and discount offers

Does the L'Occitane store offer high quality products?

Certainly yes, as one of the most important features of the store and making it have great fame within a short period of time is the quality and efficiency of the products, and this is the secret of the store’s success around the world, as are all the products available within the store for well-known brands in the world.

Can I get free shipping within the L'Occitane store?

Indeed, yes, you can get the free shipping service in case he makes purchases exceeding 249 Saudi riyals, and you can also get a special discount coupon.

Hence, it becomes clear to us that L’Occitane is one of the distinguished stores that has been able to get the admiration of millions of people within a short period of time thanks to the distinguished products and high quality as well as its low prices compared to the rest of the other stores Therefore, the store has achieved many successes. In addition to that, the store cares about the opinions of customers in the products, their quality, as well as their prices. It is keen to provide the latest supplies and various care tools, as well as providing various forms of distinctive perfumes. It is also keen to offer a lot of special discount offers that provide the customer with more of the price of the products. .